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Dry Skin / 50 ml

BP: €11.90* / 100 ml Dry Skin / 50 ml

Normal to combination skin / 50 ml

BP: €11.90* / 100 ml Normal to combination skin / 50 ml

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Description by Biosource Cleanser by Biotherm

A healthy complexion requires a natural, tailor-made care routine, which Biotherm has specialised in with a variety of products. With the Biosource Cleanser, the brand manufacturer has succeeded in developing a tailor-made cleanser for daily use, providing a deep clean for any skin type. The cleanser can be applied in small amounts, making it extremely economical, with the option of combining it with other Biotherm products.

Get healthy skin the natural way with Biosource

This cleansing foam by Biotherm not only moisturises but more importantly supplies the skin with key vital substances, contributing to a healthy, glowing complexion. When purchasing the cleanser, attention should be paid, as with all items in the Biosource product range, to personal suitability, as all the products are available in versions for dry as well as normal and combination skin. In any case, benefit from attractive ordering conditions by visiting our online shop!

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