Eyelash curlers Erbe by ERBE

Attractive eyelashes are a real eye-catcher for all ladies, allowing you to round off your make-up perfectly and cast men a seductive glance. To improve your own eyelashes with the right cosmetics and give them the impact of great volume, eyelash shapers from Becker Manicure’s Erbe collection are the ideal tool. Similar to eyelash curlers in principle, this tool enables you to give the eyelashes an attractive shape and round-off your eye make-up look perfectly. All ladies can easily use the handy tool, which enhances your look together with mascara and eyeshadow.

Use Becker Manicure eyelash shapers as a beauty tool

Many women naturally have beautiful, long eyelashes, which unfortunately do not want to stay in an attractive shape. While the emphasis of classic eyelash curlers is on using false eyelashes, eyelash shapers make the most of the lashes’ natural beauty and produce a high-class cosmetic effect. The tool from Becker Manicure’s Erbe collection ensures that the individual lashes are pointing in the same direction and gently separated from each other. Applying mascara increases the effect even further, and helps to achieve an elongated look.

Get great value eyelash shapers and more online

If applying colour to your eyelashes when doing your make-up isn’t enough and you desire a full, attractive look for every occasion, eyelash curlers from the Erbe collection are the ideal purchase. These and other tools from the quality Solingen brand Becker Manicure are even used in professional beauty salons, and are therefore easier to get hold of for personal use. Our range features other tools from the Erbe product line that enable high-class beauty treatment for the face and hands. The long-life tools can be purchased on particularly attractive order conditions over the Internet.