Nail clippers Erbe by ERBE

Nail clippers are a fundamental tool for every thorough manicure and pedicure, are often used as an alternative or in addition to nail scissors, and trim the overhanging nail in its entirety. In the Erbe range, the traditional Becker Manicure brand offers a wide selection of various nail clippers that can also be used for tough nails. They mainly differ in their look, their material composition, and the size of their cutting edge. Experts consider the clippers gentle as overall, the nail is exposed to less one-sided stress as when it is cut with scissors. This protects the nail bed and the nail itself.

Nail clippers: shouldn’t be missing from any home

Clippers should be found in every home and bathroom, especially when Becker Manicure offers high-quality products at such a great price in its Erbe range. Many clippers are also equipped with a file to enable the rest of the nail to be filed smooth afterwards. This is optional, but is particularly worth doing if the nails are very hard. This prevents sharp and overhanging corners and edges on the nails.