Household and commercial scissors by ERBE

High-quality scissors and other tools from the Solingen brand Becker Manicure are best known for the… Learn more
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Household and commercial scissors Erbe by ERBE

High-quality scissors and other tools from the Solingen brand Becker Manicure are best known for their use in professional cosmetics, and can be found in countless households and nail studios. Becker Manicure also uses its great experience in the production of scissors, files and other tools for everyday care, and, with home and professional scissors, provides the ideal tool for the office, kitchen, or study. All scissors from the renowned Erbe product line provide easy use combined with a long-life and precise cutting edge. Together with proper cosmetic scissors, our shop features all household and professional scissors from the Erbe product line.

Work with high-quality scissors at home and in the office

You will know how important it is to use good scissors for purposes other than cosmetics from doing many everyday tasks. Whether cutting paper documents, doing handicrafts, or cutting through twine and other materials, household and professional scissors are used in numerous ways. Since 1930, Becker Manicure has been entrusted with the manufacture of scissors, files and other instruments, and, as a traditional manufacturer from Solingen, provides the highest quality in all products. All household and professional scissors ensure the greatest sharpness and use for many years.

Simplify everyday tasks and cosmetics with Becker Manicure

One glance at our online range quickly reveals what Becker Manicure has to offer in its Erbe product line besides household and professional scissors. To enable all tasks to be performed with the right scissors, the emphasis of most products is on high-class beauty treatment for men and women. Despite our great tradition and first-class quality, we are able to offer scissors and other tools from our brand at an extremely attractive price. This also applies for cosmetics, body care products, and other accessories that are waiting for you in our shop and fulfil all your desires.