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Mascara Cils d'Enfer by GUERLAIN


No. 01 Noir / 9 ml


Nr. 02 Violet / 9 ml


Nr. 04 Marine / 8,50 ml

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Description by Eyes Mascara Cils d'Enfer by GUERLAIN

Mascara Cils d'Enfer effectively draws attention to your eyes

Mascara Cils d'Enfer from Guerlain is the ultimate in simplicity: a wonderfully gentle way of drawing attention to your eyes with thick eyelashes. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, as the saying goes - and, when you meet a person on any occasion, whether you’re flirting, on the train, or in a business meeting, you catch their eye first, before your voice and everything else complete the impression you make. With the Mascara Cils d’Enfer from Guerlain, you are well equipped for every life situation. The intensity of the colour is in your hands: during the day or for business, you can keep your eye make-up very subtle. For the evening, you can intensify your eyes’ power of expression by applying several coats of the mascara. The texture of the mascara is smooth so you give your eyelashes volume - the optimum volume for each situation.

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