Perfectly groomed lips

Jean-Pierre Rosselet Cosmetics produces the brand Hydracolor, which enriches your make-up. This is because the lipstick from this brand does not dry out your lips. On the contrary, the special active ingredients make a significant contribution to lip care and protection. The lipsticks nourish your lips with a lot of moisture, because a high-quality nurturing cream based on polymers serves as a moisture reservoir, which nourishes the lips when required. The result is full and soft lips, which are incredibly sensual. Since the skin on the lips is extremely sensitive, all lipsticks contain a UVA and UVB filter as well as integrated solar protection. This is supplemented by a mix of rich omega 6 fatty acids as well as passion fruit oil. Thus, any Hydracolor lipstick is simply perfect for your lips. The lipsticks contain so many ingredients that there is no space for unnecessary fillers such as glycerin. The treatment is not only visible, but you can also feel it. Of course, lipsticks need to match your current make-up, which is why the Hydracolor lipsticks come in 12 fascinating and exciting colours.