Self Tan Sun care by Shiseido

The Shiseido Sun Care means luxury for the skin

Arinobu Fukuhara founded the first chemist shop according to the western example in Japan in 1872. He called it Shiseido, with the individual syllables standing for resources, life and the house, an extremely important combination in Japanese philosophy. The small chemist shop became a globally renowned company, which manufactures luxurious cosmetics, exquisite fragrances and excellent care products. These also include of course Self Tan Care for a healthy tan.

The Self Tan Sun Care by Shiseido is available as gel, as emulsion, as cream or as quick gel. It gives you a natural tan in the shortest time and lastingly nurtures the skin. In addition to a beautiful bronze tone that pampers your skin, your skin also receives a soft mother-of-pearl shimmer. The skin appears even more nurtured and radiant as a result. Irrespective of whether you opt for the gel, the cream, the quick gel or the emulsion, the Self Tan Care is capable of even more. The sun care is also furnished with a and thus protects the skin against the harmful effects of rays of sunshine.