Sunshine Man Men's fragrances by Amouage

The day is to light what the night is to darkness. Two extremes that can’t do without each other. The fascinating play between contrasts is reflected in the Sunshine Man Perfume by Amouage. Enriched with sensuality and dark passion, this men’s cologne casts a long shadow. This wild variation of a living solar eclipse turns the night into day. The exclusive fragrance turns the modern man into a real dandy, who knows how to best present timelessness in the present.

Floral notes with fresh appeal

The various components of Sunshine Man are in a scent a daring mix of elements from different sources. Essences of vanilla and tonka bean shine through floral notes lead by lavender, immortelle and sage, and reach into fruity components of juniper berry and orange. With its fine ingredients, this perfume brings with it the freshness and liveliness of a wild, carefree moment and lifts the everyday to greater heights. A characteristic that very few men’s colognes can claim! The perfume from Amouage is an asset to men in seduction, strength and presence.