Beloved Woman Women's fragrances by Amouage

The Amouage women’s fragrances have always stood for that something special and nobility. Beloved Woman is a perfume creation that is intended to reflect the versatility of women. The modern woman is distinguished by her dynamic, organisational skill and strength. These characteristics were illustrated by various essences.

A perfume with a feminine characteristic

Beloved Woman is a fragrance containing seductive and aromatic aromas. Rose and jasmine lay the foundation to the fragrance. The fragrance is rounded off by a spicy blend and furnished with a mild character. Musk, amber, sandalwood and cedar wood lend the fragrance an aromatic diversity. Diversity and excitement are created by various essences, such as cloves, chamomile, cardamom, lavender, ylang ylang and labdanum. Allow yourself to be cloaked in this fragrance that will be your faithful everyday companion!