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Olive wood shaving brush by ERBE

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Description by Shaving brushes Olive wood shaving brush by ERBE

Product sub-line: Shaving Shop
Range: Shaving brushes
Description: Olive wood shaving brush

Pedicures, manicures, and shaving - with the useful and well-designed tools from Becker Manicure, cosmetics and face care become a great start to the day. Do you enjoy the indulgence of a wet shave? Then you will know how important the right tool is. Shaving brushes from Becker Manicure - all the expertise of decades of experience. Attention to detail, high-quality workmanship, and the best quality ensure the highest shaving comfort. Soft, smooth, and masculine-smelling skin are signs of a well-groomed man. Shaving brushes from Becker Manicure are a perfect combination of hand-made precision and aesthetic sophistication.

Even the handle of the shaving brush invigorates the senses.

You can choose from over 20 well-designed, elegant and high-quality models. The olive wood shaving brush is particularly fine and elegant. The smooth, finely-polished surface sits well in the hand. The handle can be matched perfectly to the cut-throat razor and bathroom. Therefore, the morning beauty regime becomes enjoyable. The fine badger hairs on the shaving brush are thick and compact. This means that shaving soap, such as in an elegant shaving dish from Becker, can be worked into a foamy lather, and gently and evenly applied to the sensitive skin on the face. An advantage of wet shaving: When the foam is applied, the beard hairs lift up, so that when shaving with the olive wood razor afterwards, the hairs can be removed thoroughly and yet gently. Olive wood shaving brush from Becker Manicure - cosmetics with style for the man of today.

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