1A - 33 by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin

The Eau de Parfum "1A-33" joins the ranks of Schwarzlose Berlin unisex classics suc… Learn more
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1A - 33 Unisex fragrances by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin

1A-33 by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin - a Berlin fragrance on the pulse of the times

The Eau de Parfum "1A-33" joins the ranks of Schwarzlose Berlin unisex classics such as "Zeitgeist", "Trance" or "Rausch". Just like its successors, the fragrance reflects the zeitgeist of modern Berlin without ignoring traditions. This extravagant perfume was named after the first car registration number in Berlin. The fragrance represents the nostalgic and the modern city of Berlin at the same time: individualistic, original and full of discreet self-confidence.

Berlin’s endless energy is reflected in the fresh and dynamic top note of red pepper, mandarine and a fragrant chord of Spree droplets. The middle note brings nostalgic sentiment and is composed of lime blossoms, magnolia and jasmine. The base notes of cedar and iris give the perfume its “beat” and pulsating rhythm.

These unconventional unisex fragrances are based on high-quality and highly-concentrated perfume oils. 1A-33 is an eccentric and moving unisex fragrance that catches the pulse of the modern city of Berlin. For individualists full of glamour and extravagance. A top-quality scent that stands out from the crowd.

The design of the perfume bottle is elegant and discreetly glamourous. The heavy and striking glass bottle is stylish but simple, and carries the stamped brand logo in a nod to nostalgia. The solid lid of the bottle is made of brass and is hand-produced.