Lavera - Hair care - Shampoo Moisture & Regeneration Lavera - Hair care - Shampoo Moisture & Regeneration

Hair care
Shampoo Moisture & Regeneration by Lavera

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Description by Hair care Shampoo Moisture & Regeneration by Lavera

The brand Lavera offers the Basic Sensitive cosmetic range. The range includes natural cosmetics such as the hair care product Shampoo Moisture & Regeneration which is both highly effective and well tolerated. The organic ingredients make sure that your hair maintains its natural beauty.

For the hair and scalp

Using Shampoo Moisture & Regeneration nourishes not only your hair but also your scalp. It leaves you with a sense of well-being! With this hair care product, Lavera aims to offer the right formulation for normal, damaged and dry hair. The shampoo offers improved hair structure and softness that you can both feel and see. Lavera as a brand does not use synthetic substances in any of their products, which makes their care products beneficial for those with allergies. The product contains organic ingredients such as avocado, wild rose and lavender. The company makes more than just hair care products - they also offer products for the body and face as well as make-up, effective sunscreen and anti-ageing products for a youthful appearance. The brand’s natural cosmetics have won over both men and women in over 40 countries, and their products are ideal gifts for family and friends.

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