Mare Pacifico Unisex fragrances by Linari

Mare Pacifico is a new fragrance collection from the house of Linari that was launched in 2014 and named after the perfume of the same name. The perfumer responsible for the unisex fragrances is Mark Buxton, who, when creating Mare Pacifico, placed his trust in established ingredients associated with holidays, the sea, and a relaxing day at the beach. The bottle from the fragrance range has a very classic design, which, thanks to the extraordinary colour scheme, still looks modern. The base of the bottle has a blue and silver structure with an exciting pattern and the lid is, as is not unusual for Linari, made from fine wood. The fragrances from the Mare Pacifico range are used by Linari in some other products. An especially luxurious hand soap ensures gentle cleansing and a gorgeous fragrance for the hands. To match the soap, the brand also offers a small box. This way, the high-quality soap can easily be taken along on journeys.

Tantalising fragrances for him and her

The perfume of the Mare Pacifico range has magnificent unisex fragrances, which makes it ideal for both men and women. The fresh, holiday-like fragrances are created using a variety of different essences. The top note of the creation features zesty lemon, which is combined with maté, cypress, and birch. The heart then radiates that unmistakable holiday feeling with oceanic notes combined with soft Turkish rose. The unisex fragrances in the perfume are then completed in the base note by patchouli, warm moss, sandalwood, and kephalis. The result is a tantalisingly pleasant-smelling unisex fragrance that cuts a fine figure on the skin and nose in every season and on every occasion, Thanks to its multi-faceted structures, which are always associated with wide oceans and lots of holidays, the fragrance is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.