Primavera - Fragrance blends - Bollywood Primavera - Fragrance blends - Bollywood
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5 ml

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Description by Fragrance blends Bollywood by Primavera

The Bollywood fragrance mixtures from the Primavera brand distinguish themselves with their multi-facetted citrus notes and floral undertones. Jasmine is worked in alongside the lemons. The composition is then perfected with Oriental spices and various woods, meaning the fragrance mixture is overall very reminiscent of India and the Orient, as the name “Bollywood” would suggest. The essential oil is to ensure inner balance and evoke an equilibrium between mind and body, for which the fragrance mixture can be used all year round.

Perfect for tackling winter or autumn blues

The warm notes of the Orients from these fragrance mixtures by Primavera ensure the necessary feelings of happiness that are often in scarce supply during winter and autumn due to the bad weather. The fragrance profile of the mixture comes across as very exotic, warm and floral, whilst the fragrance effect is sensuous and harmonising. The oil can, for example, be used in combination with a Scent Well, a Scented Stone or a Scent Lamp.

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