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Description by Shaving accessories Shaving Bowl by Royal Shaving

The luxurious-looking Shaving Bowl from Royal Shaving allows you to elegantly present your shaving soap or shaving foam. This shaving accessory was developed specifically for shaving and not only looks elegant but in practical terms also performs well. The beige tone of the bowl blends perfectly into any bathroom and creates a bright and pleasant focal feature, a feature that is invaluable for a gentle and pleasant shave together with a shaving brush, high-quality shaving soap and naturally a suitable razor.

A regal bowl for your shave

As the name of the manufacturer might suggest, the Shaving Bowl looks exceptionally regal and elegant. With the beige tone, Royal Shaving has created a first-class shaving accessory that should even convince critics of wet shaving to change their minds. The bowl looks superb with a high-quality shaving soap, which can be perfectly stirred in the bowl so that it lathers well later and enables the smoothest possible shave.

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