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essence makeup - high-impact cosmetics at an affordable price

In the early 2000s, the husband and wife team Christina Oster-Daum and Javier González founded the cosmetics company Cosnova in Hesse, which also includes essence - to the great delight of consumers young and old. After all, essence products are not aimed at a specific age group, but at a broad clientèle. The selection is huge and the price affordable! But what makes essence so special?

Buy high-quality makeup by essence

Not only are products from essence appealing to the eye, they are also of the highest quality. The range of products is pretty impressive. Alongside products designed to achieve a successful make-up, you will also find skin care products and artificial nails. This means that the cosmetics company covers a broad range of different skincare products. All essence makeup cosmetics come in trendy colours, feature high pigmentation and are manufactured sustainably. The aim is to avoid waste and make a valuable contribution to the environment.

  • essence complexion products: From primers through foundations to powders, essence offers everything your cosmetic heart desires. Next to products that enhance the complexion, essence also offers a complementary selection of different brushes or sponges. This means you can apply and blend your make-up perfectly.
  • essence eye make-up: essence has a vast range of eye make-up to choose from. Create dramatic moments with the different types of mascara and liquid eyeliner. New trendy colours and textures are continually being added to the range of eyeshadows. A wide range of monolid shadows is available, as well as eyeshadow palettes. Eyebrow pencils and kohl pencils round off the range of eye make-up products.
  • Lipsticks by essence: The variety of lipsticks is appealing and of high quality design, complemented by matching lip liners and rounded off by lip glosses - so you can create expressive or understated looks depending on your mood. There are lip products available for occasional maintenance, which soothe chapped lips and prime them for make-up.
  • Nail polish by essence: The essence range reveals shades that are simple and wrap up with tones that are very dark. Pops of colour punctuate throughout. And you can also rely on the texture. The varnishes are easy to apply and boast excellent coverage.

All essence cosmetics are beautiful to look at. Plus, they are made from 100 per cent vegan ingredients and are free of parabens, microplastics and PEGs. What's more, the cosmetics brand cares deeply about animal welfare.

essence is more than just a cosmetics company

If you take a closer look at essence's wide range of cosmetics, you will quickly discover that there is a suitable product for every taste. essence wants to offer variety and at the same time empower its customers. Because everyone is individual, beautiful and unique. With the right make-up products, this unique beauty can be highlighted and emphasised to perfection

The cosmetics brand also makes a point of offering a range of products at an affordable price suitable for everyone. For this to succeed, essence not only operates in Germany, but is also represented in other European countries, North and South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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