Skin Regenerate Skin care by Juvena

The Swiss institution Juvena has been researching and developing premium care products according to stringent quality standards to cater for the various age-dependent requirements of skin, and has done so for more than 60 years. The Swiss institution has developed the Regenerate & Restore range of cosmetic products with its premium Face Creams for women with mature skin. The innovative and highly effective facial care product specifically addresses skin changes that are hormone-related and helps combat advanced signs of ageing, such as expression lines or visible lines around your eyes. If used regularly and intensively, your entire complexion will look significantly better and your skin will also be revitalised and strengthened at the same time.

Intensive care for mature skin - Regenerate & Restore by Juvena

This range of cosmetic products for women with mature skin is available for different skin types, and includes Day and Night Creams for normal to dry skin and Creams for dry to very dry skin. A special Eye Cream is also sold for problem areas. The Regenerate & Restore range of cosmetic products by Juvena for women with mature skin is also suitable as a foundation for your make-up as well as your daily facial care routine.