Vista sul Mare Unisex fragrances by Linari

With Vista sul Mare, the international perfume house Linari invites you into the ocean to experience the freshness of the sea breeze as an exciting perfume. Renowned for its diverse unisex fragrances, Vista sul Mare ensures a maritime mixture based on lemon, mandarin, and bergamot, which is reminiscent of a refreshing morning on the Mediterranean. Applied daily as an Eau de Toilette Spray, both men and women can enjoy an extraordinary charm that is suitable for everyday life and special occasions and, with its additional essences, is a sensual enhancement.

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Like many unisex fragrances, Linari doesn’t just offer Vista sul Mare as a classic perfume; the fresh fragrance can also be purchased as a soap and used for everyday hygiene. For the bar of soap, there is even a travel case, a practical companion for taking this and other unisex fragrances by the manufacturer along when you’re on the go. Simply discover Linari’s range of contemporary fragrances for yourself and find the right essences, which you can easily order from us at a great price in our Online Shop!