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Nivea: The brand the world trusts for skincare

When it comes to skin and body care, people trust Nivea like no other brand. For the umpteenth time, Nivea was voted "Most Trusted Brand" by European consumers in 2021 and it still remains one of the most frequently purchased skincare brands in Germany.

Nivea has been selling creams as a "brand for everyone" for more than 100 years. Over time, the company has added numerous other products. As an example, Nivea launched the first liquid cream on the market in 1963, revolutionising the cosmetics industry. In 1991, the first Nivea deodorants also established new benchmarks on the efficacy of deodorants.

Nivea products for the whole family: The product range is this diverse

From baby care products to creams for mature skin, Nivea products have the potential to accompany people throughout their lives. Buying Nivea means choosing a traditional brand that can cover all your personal body care needs.

Nivea's first products included hand and face care products. Nivea was also a pioneer in sun care by Nivea, advertising its UV-protective cream as far back as the 1930s.

Nivea men's skincare, is now also synonymous for fuss-free products that richly nourish the skin as well as trustworthy cosmetics for women, with shampoos adapted to different hair types or face creams that take different skin types into account. Nivea also has products for children, teenagers and senior citizens.

What makes Nivea cosmetics so special?

Nivea symbolises a sense of well-being, personal care and intimacy, and is easily recognisable thanks to its characteristic blue colour. To many people, Nivea is a constant and dependable companion throughout their lifetime. Indeed, it would be hard to find a single household that does not have at least one Nivea product, be it hand cream, hair spray, sun cream or shower gel. Similarly, the characteristic blue metal tin of cream can be found in the bathroom cabinets of young and old alike, and has been for decades.

The products' distinctive quality is that they are formulated to meet specific consumer skin needs, which means the range is suitable for both men and women, as well as young and old. Plus, Nivea always uses understated fragrances, which appeals to many of us.

People who buy Nivea are choosing a traditional brand with a long history that is more closely associated with Germany than probably any other cosmetics brand. There are even Nivea stores in Hamburg, Berlin and Zurich where visitors can buy the products and also learn about the history of the brand. The stores even offer treatments with the Nivea products.

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