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Beauty and well-being thanks to Garnier

The Garnier brand belongs to the world-famous cosmetics group L’Oréal and stands for haircare, skincare and body care with tradition. Garnier is the second-strongest brand of the L’Oréal Group and has been in existence for over 115 years. Garnier was founded in 1904 by the hairstylist and perfumier Alfred Amour Garnier. He invented a hair lotion made of purely natural ingredients and had his invention patented. The foundation stone of the brand, which these days is the official partner of the dm pharmacy chain, was laid.

After just five years, Alfred Garnier sold his company in 1909. By the end of the First World War, the company had developed from a small business with manual operations to a big company under the name Laboratoires Garnier. In the 1960s the company brought hair dye onto the market, with which they achieved a worldwide breakthrough. The brand was bought in 1965 by L’Oréal and steadily expanded.

What Garnier products are there?

Garnier was able to conquer the German market in 1965 with the Nutrisse hair dye range. A further milestone was reached by Garnier with the shampoo brand Fructis, which stands for strengthening and nourishing haircare products, and is still popular today. Since 2007 Garnier has also offered skincare products. In 2012 the Olia range revolutionised the hair dye market with products without ammonia. Vegetable haircare products from the Ultimate Blends range followed in 2015 and since then the focus has lain heavily on developing natural products.

The selection of Garnier products is huge. These product lines, each with different qualities, are some of the best-known Garnier haircare products there are:

The selection of Garnier products is huge and has something for young and old. Garnier cosmetics protect, nourish, cleanse and tone. Everyone can feel good with Garnier and they will be impressed by the wide range of products available.

What characterises the Garnier brand?

Garnier is targeted predominantly at women but also has products for men in its offering. Garnier is all about comprehensive skincare and enhancing natural beauty. Garnier is an everyday brand within the reach of everyone. Garnier’s philosophy is that beauty should not be a privilege. Everyone is beautiful, everyone is unique, and with Garnier products they can wear and celebrate their inner beauty on the outside. Natural ingredients in Garnier cosmetics contribute to strengthening self-confidence and increasing self-satisfaction.

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