Intragen Hair care by Revlon Professional

The Revlon Professional hair care products are the ideal choice when your hair needs first aid. The products from the cosmetic institute are subdivided into various product lines, which tackle the problems of hair structure. With the Intragen Hair Care, Revlon Professional is now combating hair loss and brittle hair. Hair loss is a problem faced by both women and men, and its origin is not always obvious at first glance. However, hair loss can be arrested with the right cosmetic product. The crucial thing is to supply the hair with important nutrients, which strengthen growth and combat hair loss.

First aid with the Intragen Cosmetic Line

Research in the Revlon Professional Cosmetic Institute is constantly ongoing, in order to accord hair the best possible care. One result is the Intragen Line. This special cosmetic supports the hair during washing, frees it from styling residue and ensures intensive care. The special Anti Hair Loss Shampoo combats the first signs of hair loss and prevents increased loss. Hair plasters are another interesting innovation. They are also worn on the hair and ensure that the ingredients penetrate deep into the roots to firm them. The manufacturer’s shampoo and care spray are an outstanding hair care complement. The use of these hair care products is recommended, and not just when the first hair loss problems occur. They also have an excellent and supportive effect on the hair and its structure as a preventative measure.