Mitchum Skin care by Revlon

Everything began in 1932. A single product started the ball rolling - a nail polish that surpassed everything known before at that time. The industrious brothers Charles Haskell & Joseph Revson collaborated with the chemist, Charles Lachmann, to develop a new generation of nail polish. Charles Lachmann not only contributed the L to Revlon, he also had unbelievable intuition when it came to the colourful wishes of women. He was convinced that women wanted a variety of different intensive nail polish colours. As the nuances available at that time were anything but colourful. The trio thus developed a manufacturing process in which the nail polish was furnished with real colour pigments. This allowed a uniquely rich selection of colours, including all kinds of pink tones, coral nuances and the large number of red tones. The red tones for the nails went down in beauty history a little later as Revlon Reds.