ERBE - Nail files - ECO Boards, 17.5 cm ERBE - Nail files - ECO Boards, 17.5 cm

Nail files
ECO Boards, 17.5 cm by ERBE

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Description by Nail files ECO Boards, 17.5 cm by ERBE

ECO Boards by Becker Manicure are perfect nail files

Nail files are essential accessories in every toiletries bag, regardless of whether the bag belongs to a man or woman. ECO Board nail files are suitable for all occasions, when you’re on the go, and when you’re at home. Of course, the ECO Board has a coarse side and a fine side, as you would expect from an ordinary nail file. This means that your nails can be shaped quickly and easily, regardless of whether they are natural nails or extensions. The major advantage of the boards lies in their flexibility. Because the ECO Boards from Becker Manicure are not stiff or rigid, they adapt to the shape of the nail, which is why they are particularly well suited to very long and very narrow nails. However, the boards from Becker Manicure are also very recuperative for all other nails too, of course. Stop mistreating your nails with normal files; use the caring ECO Boards instead.

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