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Phyto De-Tox
Concentrate by Juvena

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Description by Phyto De-Tox Concentrate by Juvena

The Detoxifying Concentrate from the Phyto De-Tox skin care range by the renowned Swiss cosmetic brand Juvena is a serum that helps detoxify and rebuild your facial skin as well as combat premature skin ageing and the loss of skin vitality. The proven combination of herbal extracts in combination with the innovative Juvena SkinNova SC Technology in the Phyto De-Tox Detoxifying Concentrate helps your skin to repair itself and regenerate, making it look deep-down healthy, fresh and radiant once again. The Detoxifying Concentrate helps your facial skin to break down damaged skin cells, stimulate your cell’s detoxification systems and detoxify and strengthen your skin from the inside out. In doing so, your skin is given new vitality and has a healthy radiance. In addition, it helps prevent premature skin ageing by providing protection against free radicals, and supplies your facial skin with penetrating moisture. Your face then appears healthier, more relaxed, fresher and firmer.

Contents and effect:

The Phyto De-Tox Detoxifying Concentrate Serum by the cosmetic brand Juvena contains highly effective and precious ingredients that all have a specific function and, when combined together, give your skin vitality and a healthy look. The Phyto De-Tox Detoxifying Concentrate Serum contains the following:* Candida Saitoana extract (yeast cells): It strengthens cell detoxification, reduces the level of oxidised proteins, improves the surface condition, leaves you with a smooth skin texture and gives your facial skin a fresh radiance.*Herbal active ingredient complex: The composition of Echium, balloon plant and sunflower oil helps prevent negative oxidative processes and the formation of cellular waste.*Avocado protein/triple anti-ageing effect: It promotes the reformation of your skin’s own natural hyaluronan that helps moisturise and plump up your skin. It optimises your skin’s cohesion and stabilises the corneal layer too. In addition, it also activates your skin’s own detox process that is required to help protect and repair your skin. *SkinNova SC Technology: It creates the optimum micro-environment offering ideal conditions for the development of cells. It also support your skin’s own stem cell activity with the aid of a stem cell peptide, promotes the formation of new, healthy cells and protects your stem cells’ self-renewal potential. *Short and long-chain hyaluronic acid: It is a moisturiser with a pro-youthing effect. As a result, your skin is plumped up and moisturised, leaving a wonderfully fresh smooth finish. *Avocado oil: It moisturises, regenerates and smooths your facial skin. As a whole, the gentle Phyto De-Tox Detoxifying Concentrate Serum by the cosmetic brand Juvena helps stimulate detoxification, the formation of new cells as well as the natural vitality and healthy radiance of your facial skin.

Application instructions for this nourishing cosmetic product:

The Phyto De-Tox Detoxifying Concentrate Serum by the cosmetic brand Juvena is applied in the morning and/or evening to freshly cleansed facial skin. Your usual facial care product can then be applied thereafter. This intensively nourishing serum can be applied daily or as part of a course of treatment.

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