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Techni Liss
Active by Payot

50 ml

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Description by Techni Liss Active by Payot

The Payot Active Cream in the Techni Liss Series is a well-tolerable day cream, which can hydrate the skin and replenish the moisture balance. The facial care product comes straight from the heart of Paris and relies on Payot’s own specifically developed formula. However, the nurturing effect is by no means limited to the supply of moisture, instead the cream also "de-crinkles" the skin by emaciating expression wrinkles and deep lines. An upholstering effect can even make them disappear completely.

No scars of time ever again

The Active Techni Liss Pflege has a very gentle and melting texture, which makes it especially quick to apply extensively to the face. The "scars of time" in mature skin are perceptibly alleviated, while the revitalising effect allows pigment disorders and spots to be treated as well. The cream is ideally applied straight after getting up, apply generously to the face after a perfect cleansing routine.

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