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Veet: The No.1 brand for hair removal products

Veet is one of the leading hair removal brands worldwide. The products are sold in more than 80 countries and the brand has been around for more than 100 years. Veet's beginnings go back to 1919. Originally, the brand was called Neet and was first registered under this name in Canada.

In the USA and Canada, the products were sold under the name Neet for many years, while in many European countries the name Veet had long since become established. It is based on the French word "vite", which translates as fast. Since 2002, the hair removal products have been sold under a single name everywhere.

What is the Veet brand’s unique selling point?

Veet stands for hair removal in minutes – the company advertised for many years that it was faster than shaving. Today, Veet's focus is on emphasising the naturalness and personality of its users and giving them the feeling of freedom they desire with its products. Individual beauty, self-determination over one's own body and absolute well-being is what Veet stands for today.

What products are there from Veet and what makes them stand out?

The application of Veet products is not only quicker than shaving, but the effect is also long-lasting. Hair removal creams soften the hair and cause it to fall out, making it take significantly longer to regrow than shaving. Ingrown hairs occur less frequently.

Hair removal using wax is also more effective than shaving because the hair is pulled out at the root, which makes it take longer to regrow. In addition, cuts are eliminated. When shaving, the hair is only cut off, which quickly results in stubble again.

The range of Veet products is large and ticks all the boxes when it comes to the effective, fast and gentle removal of body hair – no matter where it is. There are:

  • Veet hair removal creams: Gentle yet highly effective – quickly and painlessly remove hair from your legs, armpits and intimate areas with hair removal creams. Your skin will thank you for protecting it.
  • Veet warm and cold wax: Application takes a little practice, but the results are long-lasting because it removes the hair as well as the root. It can take up to four weeks for regrowth to appear.
  • Veet sugar paste: This paste is based on natural ingredients and is gentle on the skin. Users often report that using sugar paste is less painful than waxing.

These Veet products allow for individual styles and the feeling of caring for your body however you choose to. The tolerability of the products is dermatologically tested and also suitable for sensitive skin. It’s important to moisturise thoroughly afterwards to avoid dry skin or skin irritation.

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