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Perles de Lalique
Body Lotion by Lalique

150 ml

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Description by Perles de Lalique Body Lotion by Lalique

The French brand Lalique is renowned for its exceptional fragrances for men and women that are not just applied in the form of a perfume or Eau de Toilette. With Perles de Lalique, you have an exceptional Body Lotion that captures the unique fragrance of this range of products and leaves your skin feeling noticeably pampered when applied. Perles de Lalique is suitable for daily use and helps provide women’s skin with sufficient moisture combined with a unique fragrance after taking a shower, for example.

A combination of a sensual fragrance and premium body care

The Perles de Lalique Body Lotion is characterised by a silky smooth and sweet note, which is exactly what many women in this part of the world want. Even men will be unable to resist the fragrant charm of the Body Lotion; Lalique offers a number of other suggestions here for women of all generations in addition to this product range. This quality product by Lalique is also waiting to be discovered in our Online Shop alongside many other exciting men’s fragrances.

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