Skinovage PX Facial care by BABOR

With the SKINOVAGE PX collection, BABOR has put together an intelligent facial care system that is perfectly matched to the individual needs of the skin and protects from a premature aging of the skin caused by light and environmental factors and from free radicals. The care products in this range support the skin’s own mechanisms. In addition to skin type-specific special active ingredients, all of the products in the SKINOVAGE PX line contain the plant-based ingredients "Alpine Stem Cells and "Osmo Tec". The result of this care series is healthy, younger-looking facial skin that glows with vitality, as well as an optimised skin structure.

SKINOVAGE PX - caring for the skin with intelligence and system

The multifunctional facial care cosmetics of the BABOR SKINOVAGE PX series is made up of seven sub-lines:

* "Vital Balance" - a care system for dry skin
* "Calming Sensitiv" - a care system for sensitive and irritated skin
* "Pure" - a care system for blemished skin
* "Perfect Combination" - a care system for combination, oily or large-pored skin
* "Advanced Biogen" - a care system for tired-looking skin that is in need of regeneration
* "Sensational Eyes" - an innovative skincare system for the delicate eye area
*"Intensifer" - a care series with various special products for every skin type and for an extra quantum of beauty

These lines concentrate on specific needs of the skin and on different skin types. However, all of the various products in the SKINOVAGE PX range have two ingredients in common, no matter which sub-line they belong to. The first is “Alpine Stem Cells”, which in particular protect the skin from premature aging through UV rays, environmental factors and free radicals. The other is the ingredient “Osmo Tec”, which ensures that the osmotic balance of the skin is restored. This means that the active ingredients are absorbed better by the skin and can work better. All skincare products are developed to have the same pH value as the skin and are free of parabens.