Blax Hair


Blax stands for modern hair accessories. The German brand headquartered in Berlin offers hair elastics and headbands in various designs, that are gentle to the hair and look really good as well. With a headband by Blax women can finish off their look with an individual spot of colour, which can be aligned with their style or their hair colour. Thanks to the high quality texture of the materials the headbands and elastics can be used for creating elaborate hairstyles or simple and handy hairdos. Their high-grade material surface makes them exceptionally pleasant to wear.

German hair elastics.

The accessories by Blax are highly elastic, which makes them particularly flexible in use. The specially processed surface prevents snagging and frizz, and largely stops the formation of knots. Although the hair elastics and headbands have only recently been launched on the German market, these top quality products have quickly become a favourite gadget among hair salons and stylists. Now they are also available for personal use. Whilst they are mostly presented in a sleek package, their colour range offers a tremendous variety. The elastics and headbands can disappear virtually undetectably in your hair or create a striking colour statement.

Let your style dominate.

If you choose to match the Blax accessories with the colour of your hair or use the nearly transparent design, you will set no further highlights but let your style dominate. By using elastics and bands in the colour of your hair, they will become virtually undetectable. This way you can create a perfect styling without too much distraction from the actual hairdo. The German brand is continuously extending its range, for example to offer even more colours.

Hair products from Blax