Mask brush Classic by Da Vinci

Da Vinci Classic Mask Brush, quality handmade in Germany

For more than 20 years Da Vinci has manufactured high-quality brushes for all areas of application. Of course, all brushes are hand-finished in Germany and inspected several times before being made available to you. This helps the company’s brushes achieve a level of quality that is appreciated by even professional make-up artists. The same goes for brushes from the Classic range. With these brushes, you can choose between synthetic fibres or natural bristles.

The synthetic fibre mask brushes are of course particularly suited for those with allergies. But no matter which brush you prefer, applying masks with it is easy. Whether over a large area or on a smaller scale around the eyes, with the brushes from the Classic range you can experience how neat and relaxing applying the mask can be. This is further supported by the ergonomic design of the brush shaft which sits comfortably in your hand. Da Vinci mask brushes also last longer if you clean them regularly with a little bit of baby shampoo.