Eyeliner Classic by Da Vinci

The Da Vinci Classic Eyeliner perfects make-up

Nuremberg is where the company is headquartered and also where all its products are made by hand. Here, trained employees work with great care and attention to detail, such as is rarely seen. The finest natural hairs and bristles, as well as high-quality artificial hairs for those with allergies make these brushes something special. This produces brushes which are valued by artist and make-up artists around the world. These brushes for professionals are of course also available for you to purchase. Finally, you should also indulge in the pleasure of the high-grade quality brushes, to round off your make-up look.

The Classic Eyeliners by Da Vinci are particularly delicately worked. Their tips are made of hairs from Russian red martens are simply perfect for applying eye liner. What’s special about the Classic Eyeliner is that it can be used both at an angle as well as straight. In this way, this brush from Da Vinci makes applying make-up easier even if you only have a small amount of room or need to get up close to the mirror.