Urban Life Man Men's fragrances by Tom Tailor

The German Tom Tailor label is no longer renowned only for its fashions but now also for its exclusive and modern men’s fragrances. With the perfume Urban Life Man the Hamburg company proves once again that it knows what men wants. And what women like to smell. Urban Life Man presents men with a fresh fragrance that will beguile women and conquer their hearts

A modern fragrance for modern men

Urban Life Man for men is an excellent fragrance, which combines strength and elegance. The base note of patchouli, cedarwood and musk give this fragrance powerful body and a rich aroma. The noble wood notes from cedar and bergamot have an especially aromatic, powerful effect.
This strong basis is replaced by the aromas of lemon and mandarine. In this way, Urban Life Man has the perfect balance of fruit and freshness. The citrus note ensures that Urban Life Man doesn not smell overly sweet, like many other modern men’s fragrances.
The balanced blend of different natural notes also ensures that the full richness of the scent unfolds slowly, after the perfume has been allowed to breathe on the skin for a while. Thus Urban Life Man presents all the values that make the man of today: Fresh, elegant and connected to nature.

Urban Life Man brings a freshness to the range of Tom Tailor men’s fragrances and mixes powerful, natural aromas of wood and musk with a fresh, citrus tone. This provides Urban Life Man with a very balanced and rich character, which perfectly reflects the character of a discerning, elegant and self-confident man.