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Dermaroller – microneedling at home

The Dermaroller is an innovative beauty tool from the company of the same name, Dermaroller GmbH, from Wolfenbüttel in Lower Saxony. Since 1999 the company has been concerned with the requirements of the skin and caused a stir in the sector with its little tool. The shape is reminiscent of a wet razor, possessing a roller head with microneedles instead of sharp blades. The needles puncture the epidermis with the aim of improving the complexion. To go with the tool, at parfumdreams you can purchase Dermaroller cosmetics for the face and body that support the treatment.

Shop Dermaroller: how the tool works

The Dermaroller is a handy manual tool with small microneedles, arranged on a roller. The tips penetrate the outer layer of skin when the roller is moved across the skin, applying light pressure. As the needles are made of high-quality material and are very pointed, they are barely perceptible during the treatment. The Dermaroller is manufactured in Germany under strict quality control conditions.

The roller promotes blood circulation and contributes to the body’s own production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. It can visibly reduce sun damage, pigmentation disorders, wrinkles and acne scars. To do this, the manufacturer recommends using the roller two to three times a week in combination with other Dermaroller products, which complement and support the treatment.

Dermaroller products: Beautiful glowing skin thanks to microneedling

The tiny, precisely arranged microneedles made of high-quality stainless steel remove dead skin cells, any build-up of skin that might be present and blockages from the outer skin layer. This minimises enlarged pores, reduces skin impurities and refines the complexion. The short 0.2 millimetre needles lightly puncture the outer skin layer without coming into contact with blood. This stimulates the microcirculation and the renewal of the skin.

Special products by Dermaroller are suitable for treating larger areas like the bottom, stomach, thighs, arms and décolleté. They are fitted with 396 microneedles, which are 0.2 mm long. These penetrate the epidermis and, thanks to their extreme sharpness, the application is painless. The massage promotes blood circulation and the process of skin renewal.

The Dermaroller effect

After just a few weeks, the skin should look and feel smoother and healthier. Used two to three times a week, the tool contributes to strengthening the connective tissues and reducing the signs of cellulite. It removes dead skin particles, opens up blocked sebaceous glands and inhibits the development of microorganisms.

The microneedling products by Dermaroller can be used up to 50 times. After this time, the manufacturer recommends replacing them. For hygiene reasons, only one person should ever use the tool. It is important to clean the tool thoroughly with a specially designed roller cleaner. Spray the the beauty tool generously with the alcohol-based solution to free it from germs and bacteria.

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