GUERLAIN - Insolence - Extrait GUERLAIN - Insolence - Extrait

Extrait by GUERLAIN

7.50 ml

7.50 ml

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Description by Insolence Extrait by GUERLAIN

The perfume Insolence Extrait by Guerlain will win you over with its floral and fruity aromas. It has a refreshing, invigorating effect, which promotes well-being and relaxation. The perfume lends the wearer the kind of intense fragrance that wraps them in an aromatic, stimulating aura for the entire day.

A women’s fragrance with a floral note

Extrait Insolenceis a women’s fragrance that can be worn in every life situation. The feminine, womanly character of the fragrance opens up an unimaginable fresh atmosphere with a relaxing, calming effect. Allow yourself to be inspired by this masterpiece from Guerlain, and dive into a world of complete harmony and elegance!

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