Pocket Hair brushes by ikoo

Perfectly styled hair is the best start to the day. But stress, wind and weather can get to work on your perfect style and the happiness only lasts so long. What could be better for haircare that a little helping hand, one that can be stowed easily in your handbag so it’s always there when you need it? The handy IKOO pocket brushes are cool alternatives to the classic hairbrushes. The trick: No handle means that the brush sits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Including a massage

The direct grip on the head of the brush provides the care of the hair with an extra massaging aspect. The pressure on the scalp can be easier and more directly controlled. The hairbrushes are made from high-grade resin and high-quality acrylic. The lid provided protects the IKOO pocket brushes from dirt. This means you can just throw your hairbrush into your bag and always have clean haircare tools at hand. The perfect solution for on the go. The even distribution of bristles will loosen up your hair and give it visibly more volume. The stimulating massage of the scalp will not only feel relaxing but will also encourage hair growth. The roots will be supplied with blood and will be strengthened. With this little miracle helper, haircare will be so easy – any time, any place.