Urban Life Woman Women's fragrances by Tom Tailor

With the Urban Life Woman perfume, Tom Tailor has succeeded in creating an incomparable women’s fragrance. Zesty, fruity, modern, self-confident – this is how Tom Tailor sees the woman of today and honours her with this fragrance. The top note is dominated by mandarine, orange and black currant. This fruity trio provides for an exciting feel and exudes pur joie de vivre. Then comes the middle note. Jasmine and orange blossom combine sensually and seductively with peach. If you think you’ve already experienced the crescendo, you’ll be surprised by the base note – in a positive way. For this incredibly feminine perfume Urban Life Woman, Tom Tailor has used guaiac, caramel, cedar wood and patchouli – wonderfully warm nuances that flatter every woman.

Fragrances by Tom Tailor are always an experience

With the modern perfume Urban Life Woman, Tom Tailor proves once more his feel for the desires and preferences of the self-confident woman of today. Fresh elegance paired with a sweet warmth, leave behind a wonderful feeling and seduce all who notice this perfume. The rectangular bottle with clean lines comes is without embellishment or flourishes. The large, golden bow, which matches perfectly to the typical Tom Tailor lettering, is a lovely detail, particularly when the fragrance is being given as a present. Tom Tailor’s fragrances are always na experience and this one is no exception.