Homme Men's fragrances by David Beckham

The Homme range manages to capture the spirit of David Beckham to a T. As an ambassador for sport, lifestyle icon, model and ex football star Beckham is not only the epitome of success, but also embodies many positive qualities generally attributed to the male gender. Besides a successful career at every stage in his life, Beckham also receives a lot of credit for his engagement with non-profit organisations and for his exemplary role as a father. The modern man is perfectly served with this perfume creation as it exudes determination and ambition,while also staying in touch with a man’s feminine side.

The fresh fragrance of a trendsetter

Men’s perfumes from David Beckham always have one thing in common: they are modern, fresh and suit any man. The Homme is no exception to this rule, since the elegant fragrance produces dreamy and yet strong accords that many men’s fragrances can only dream of matching. Launched in 2011 the fragrance opens with ginger, citrus and pepper. The heart note uses rosemary, leather and cashmere wood, before the base note closes with noble mahogany, patchouli and musk. The range is complemented with a deodorant and other skin care products.