Néh?! Unisex fragrances by ZeroMoleCole

Néh?! With its unusual name, this perfume from Zeromolecole stands out from the crowd and awakes the curiosity. This extravagant perfume fits so wonderfully into the theme of the distinctive collection of unisex fragrances from Italy. Stefania Marzufero Boni discovered her passion for olfactory masterpieces in the family shop, which sold select perfumes as well as jewelry. In this shop, which sits in the heart of Turin, her unisex fragrances are both created and produced. That fine ladies saunter through the streets of the tradition-steeped metropolis with its countless palaces is only natural. The perfumer pays tribute to these impressive women in the perfume.

Perfume with glamour, grace and a sense of style

This homage opens with a powdery top note before being replaced with the aromas of violet and almond. This unisex fragrance has a signature of white musk. In light of the association with exquisite ladies, the high-class elegance and just the right amount of opulence in the perfume is the perfect choice. Zeromolecole sets itself apart through its very intimate philosophy, which benefits every composition from the manufacturer. Stefania wants to describe significant experiences and important people in her life in an olfactory way. In this way, fans of her perfume are allowed a glimpse into her personality and the perfume has a real soul. Thus the unisex perfumes from the Italian brand have a very inspiring effect.