Phyto-Blanc Skin care by Sisley

The Phyto-Blanc range from Sisley contains various products, which can be used to treat impurities, inflammation, redness and above all for pigmentation. The products Lightening Toning Lotion, Lightening Foaming Cleanser, Clearing Essence and Lightening Milk are included in the high-quality skincare range. Thanks to the lightening effect of the cosmetics, the skin is lightened so that pigment irregularities and age spots effectively take a back seat and are no longer noticed. In addition, the caring products also contain some other properties that can vary according to the product.

Efficient remedy against pigment irregularities

You can gently and efficiently treat age spots with care from the Sisley Phyto-Blanc range. The lightening action already starts to become effective after a few applications; after around 8 weeks unevenness and blemishes are noticeably paled or have totally disappeared. In addition, the products cleanse the skin to prevent the formation of spots, blackheads and irritation. The effective caring effect also rebalances the moisture balance of the skin so that in the future it provide itself with pleasant moisture in order to prevent chapped areas and generally dry skin.