Gliss Kur

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Gliss Kur: Innovative haircare from an experienced company

Gliss Kur has stood for high-quality haircare products that work for every hair type for many decades. The company’s history stretches way back: The umbrella brand was founded over 120 years ago, when Hans Schwarzkopf invented a few haircare products in a small pharmacy in Berlin, which soon caused a worldwide sensation. Shampoo, dry shampoo and hairspray were invented for the first time in the house of Schwarzkopf and are used today, every day, by millions of people all over the world.

The label Gliss Kur focuses on haircare for women with high expectations. The brand constantly aims to express an understanding of the different needs of different hair types in its own products – this characterises the brand and the Gliss Kur products.

Gliss Kur: Different lines for different requirements

Gliss Kur has the right products in the range for many different demands. If you know your hair type, it’s easy to find the right haircare range. The Oil Nutritive range, for example, repairs and pampers damaged hair. There is even quick help available for coloured or damaged hair.

With innovative products like the 7 Sec Express Repair treatment, Gliss Kur shows how advanced haircare can be. In addition, it does not have to cost a lot: The Gliss Kur products are all affordable, which makes the brand a favourite with beauty fans.

Shop Gliss Kur and take your haircare seriously

You can buy haircare products from Gliss Kur easily at parfumdreams. Gift sets that combine several Gliss Kur products are particularly popular. Whether it’s a conditioner, shampoo, hairspray or repair treatment, it’s a good idea to buy Gliss Kur to enjoy silky, shiny, strong and cared-for hair every day.