Loft by Monaco Parfum

The Loft by Monaco perfume captures the versatility of the world with a touch of exoticism. Monaco is a place, where the rich and the beautiful come together and people can enjoy the beauty and luxury of life. It is a place full of fascination and exoticism, but also full of contrasts. The manufacturer Loft by Monaco relies on very special scent nuances and high quality with his products. The assortment is shaped by skin care products and fragrances with an excellent price-quality ratio. The strong nuances, which are used here, will whisk you away to a world far away from everyday life. Upon the first application to the skin, your stress will melt away and you can go on a fragrance journey with your senses. A journey to the orient. Loft by Monaco has achieved a very special highlight by taking on the Obelisk fragrance. It was launched for the first time in 1985 and unites all the nuances of the orient. It includes the exoticism of spices, the warmth of the sun and the heat of the day. The powerful fragrance is not for reserved people. It is a multi-faceted perfume with a special something. If you are looking for something special, it is worth taking a look at the perfume creations by this manufacturer. When luxury and mainstream are combined, new compositions with a lot of attention to detail are created. Loft by Monaco represents perfume and body care products with a special charm. Ideal for all those, who like to try new things with their fragrances, and who have the courage to try extraordinary scent nuances.