Caron Parfum

When Ernest and his brother Raoul Daltroff opened the store “Caron” on Paris’s Rue de la Paix in 1903, they had already overcome one hurdle – acquiring the small perfume business “Emilia” on Rue Rossini. Notable fragrances in the extensive range include “Narcisse Noir”, in production to this day, but above all “Tabac Blonde” from 1919. Back then, this fragrance was as frowned upon as those to whom it was dedicated: women smoking in the public sphere. The perfume thus became a cult for the free and self-assured woman. Among the rich and famous, particularly the more extravagant characters, Caron fragrances have always been a huge success. Karl Lagerfeld, for example, swears exclusively by “Nuit de Noël”, the scent with the feral “mousse de saxe” notes, where Marlene Dietrich preferred “Coup de Fouet”.

Parfum of Caron