Plantur Haar

Negative factors such as stress or poor nutrition can have detrimental effects on the growth of your hair. The haircare products from Plantur work against these factors and supply the hair and scalp with vital micro-nutrients and caffeine, which contribute to the health and growth of your hair. With the Plantur39 and Plantur21 lines, the manufacturer offers every customer the ideal care product, tailored to meet the individual needs of the hair.

Haircare from Plantur - with caffeine and nutrients for strong hair

A poor or defective supply of nutrients to the hair root will lead in most cases to the premature loss of the hair.. The result is thin, brittle hair that loses body, strength and shine, year for year. Plantur used this knowledge to create two product lines that work effectively against these undesirable consequences. The range includes tonics, shampoos and conditioners as well as specially developed nutrient capsules, which support the hair growth process from inside and work effectively against hair loss. Comprising vitamins, zinc, biotin and selenium, they supply your hair with all it needs to be strong again. Plantur21 was developed for those who suffer from premature hair loss at a young age; it gets to work right at the root of the hair and prevents a loss of energy there, helping the hair to regrow. Plantur39 is directed to women in the menopause years suffering from hereditary hair loss. It works against age-related hair loss with tried and tested plant extracts.