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Roos & Roos Fragrances

Roos & Roos - Mother and daughter are a world apart and yet they form one universe. They offer a family history and much more... Chantal Roos has been collaborating with the best in the industry since 1976. Partners include for example Yves Saint Laurent, Issey Miyake, Jean Paul Gaultier and Tom Ford. She was the person in charge in the creation of such legendary fragrances as Opium, Kouros, Eau d'Issey and Le Mâle.

Alexandra Roos, the daughter, is a French singer and composer. A musician with heart and soul. The two of them decided to bundle their creative powers and to design their own perfume collection. That’s how Roos & Roos came about.

Dear Rose alludes to their family name and stands for many years experience and the mother’s passion for fragrances coupled with the free creative spirit of the daughter. Bar any wordstheir five fragrances succeed in capturing thoughts, memories and unique moments inside five perfume bottles . Dear Rose... - the story of a woman - the beginning of a letter to a girl-friend, - thoughts and special experiences, - five fragrances instead of a wealth of words and the stories of five women encapsulated and staged in fragrances. Fabrice Pellegrin was born in 1969 in Grasse, France. He is a perfumer who prefers natural aromas. He has created all five fragrances, giving them their very own distinctive character with his signature hallmark: clarity. All five fragrances are sold in an exclusive beautiful outer packaging.